EcoSweeping & The North American Power Sweeping Association

EcoSweeping & The North American Power Sweeping Association

Our own Becky Chamberlain is in this video at 2:03!

What Is NAPSA?

At EcoSweeping, we are very proud to be a member of the North American Power Sweeping Association. We are doubly proud that our own Becky Chamberlain is a board member! NAPSA is a community of independent sweeping companies that is dedicated to identifying and finding solutions for the pain points common to the entire sweeping industry. In addition, NAPSA functions as a powerful catalyst for overall industry growth and our individual business development at EcoSweeping as well.

What Are The Benefits?

There are many tangible benefits to joing NAPSA. I will highlight a few that have been very beneficial to us here at EcoSweeping. NAPSA strives to bring its members a variety of relevant services to fulfill a variety of needs. One of the biggest tangible benefits to us has been the industry focused networking and communication. Through NAPSA, EcoSweeping has access to a wealth of people with many lifetimes worth of hard-won industry knowledge. These very experienced sweeping industry people are more than willing to share their expertise to the betterment of the industry as a whole. This networking and learning is invaluable to us. In adddition, NAPSA negotiates meaningful discounts for its members on products and services that we use in our day to day operations here at Eco Sweeping.

The NAPSA Contractor Locator generates leads for us on their website which helps keep opportunities to develop new business coming in continuously. We also have access to all NAPSA resources such as logos, videos, and other marketing content to help market and grow our company. In addition, through the NAPSA Sweeper School, we have access to the most robust training programs ever created for sweeper operators, sweeper company managers, and owners. The amount of opportunity to educate and better ourselves using the resources of NAPSA is vast.

Becky Chamberlain

Our own Becky Chamberlain has been at the heart of EcoSweeping since our humble beginnings some 23 years ago. For all of those many years, Becky Chamberlain has been directly involved with managing the day to day operations of Eco Sweeping. Because of her continued diligent efforts, Eco Sweeping has achieved growth and success that has well surpassed all of our wildest expectations. EcoSweeping simply would not be where we are today without Becky’s hard work and dedication. Our gratitude for her continued sacrifice for our success is immeasurable. We are understandably proud that our own Becky Chamberlain will be working with NAPSA and have a meaningful role in overseeing the execution of their mission that benefits our industry in 2022. Congratulations Becky from all of us at Eco Sweeping, we wish you every success!

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