Congratulations To Certified Sweeping Manager Brian B.

EcoSweeping Certified Sweeping Manager - Brian Brobeck

Congratulations To Certified Sweeping Manager Brian B.

Eco Sweeping wishes to congratulate Brian B. on receiving his Certified Sweeping Manager (CSM) program certification. This is offered by the North American Power Sweeping Association. (NAPSA) The CSM program is a very detailed training program that is lengthy and challenging for sweeping industry personnel to complete. This achievement will ensure that Brian is placing the appropriate emphasis on proactive management and excellent training at every level of our company to ensure our operators are professional and safe in the execution of their duties.

What is a Certified Sweeping Manager?

The Certified Sweeping Manager certification program was created by the North American Power Sweeping Association. (NAPSA) This American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-approved Power Sweeping Standard is a powerful tool that provides sweeping companies the best practices for virtually every aspect of business operations. These best practices all have a theme in common: They provide a degree of protection to your employees, your customers, and to the community in which your business operates. This emphasis on best practices ensures professionalism, safety and high standards across our entire organization.

Why Do Certified Sweeping Managers Matter?

The Certified Sweeping Manager (CSM) program standards course puts a heavy emphasis on training at every level of the company, instilling the team with the importance of professionalism and a thorough understanding of the right way to do things. A robust and thorough training program is the best practice for ensuring that sweeper operators are professional and safe while working for our clients.

CSM certified owners and managers are trained to understand the best way to run virtually every facet of a sweeper business. From training to proper record keeping and everything in between, CSM certification is a tool to ensure safe operation while maintaining a high degree of customer satisfaction and retention.

We are extremely proud of what Brian has accomplished with the completion of this challenging program. We look forward to others in our organization obtaining this and other available NAPSA certifications to ensure that our business is meeting the uniformly excellent NAPSA and ANSI standards using the best available practices and procedures.

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