Becky Chamberlain-New NAPSA Board Member!

Becky Chamberlain-New NAPSA Board Member!

Eco Sweeping is under the proud ownership and management of husband and wife team Mark & Becky Chamberlain. From our humble beginnings, some 23 years ago now, Becky Chamberlain has been directly involved with managing the day to day operations of Eco Sweeping, and due to her continued diligent efforts, Eco Sweeping has achieved growth and success that has well surpassed all of our wildest expectations. We simply would not be where we are today without Becky’s hard work and dedication, and our gratitude for her continued sacrifice for our success is immeasurable.

Due to our attainment of some meaningful success in the sweeping industry we feel a strong compulsion to give something back to the industry that we recognize has given our business and family so much. In particular, we have benefitted a great deal from our membership in the North American Power Sweeping Association. Access to the aggregated knowledge of the innumerable members of NAPSA is but one significant benefit of the many wonderful benefits of NAPSA membership that we have received. Through networking with other sweeper industry people, we have gleaned a wealth of knowledge. It would have been extraordinarily costly both in time and resources to have learned these important lessons on our own.

For this reason, we were absolutely overjoyed when our own Becky Chamberlain was appointed to the NAPSA Board Of Directors for 2022. This is an uncompensated volunteer position that provides Becky with further opportunity to offer her ample knowledge and experience back to the organization and larger industry that has given us so much over the years.

Every year, the primary focus of NAPSA’s initial new board meeting is a planning session held in February at the National Pavement Expo to determine the most pressing challenges faced by the sweeping industry, and determine what is needed to help the industry as a whole, because helping the industry succeed is absolutely the primary mission of NAPSA. This year, one major pain point stood well above all others as top priority-finding and retaining qualified sweeper operators. The fifteen sweeping industry experts comprising the new board contemplated this issue, and determined that one crucial key to solving this dilemma was ensuring optimal access to NAPSA developed specialized sweeper operator education. Resolving to ensure that operators can be properly trained anywhere through NAPSA’s many training programs has become the most important overarching goal for 2022. NAPSA has many excellent programs in place that can be part of the solution, including the online Sweeper School program.We are understandably proud that our own Becky Chamberlain will have a meaningful role in overseeing the execution of this mission critical initiative. Congratulations Becky from all of us at Eco Sweeping, we wish you every success!

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